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Job description

The ideal candidate will be capable of creating effective marketing strategies that assist the efforts of sales teams and generate additional leads. This candidate should be comfortable creating content to aid the sales teams and have an ability to evaluate a marketing campaign to guarantee the best outcome. Additionally, this candidate should have a good understanding of the goals of various salespeople and ultimately operate as a close business partner.


develop and execute comprehensive digital and social media marketing strategies to drive brand awareness, engagement, and customer engagement

1. Social Media Strategy and Execution:

Implement a cohesive social media strategy to enhance brand visibility, engagement, and customer loyalty.

Manage all social media platforms (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn) and stay up to date with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Create and curate engaging and shareable content, including text, image, and video posts, to increase brand awareness and drive user engagement.

Monitor social media conversations, respond to questions, comments and reviews in a timely and professional manner.

Analyze social media metrics and generate reports to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

2. Digital Advertising and Campaign Management:

Plan, execute and optimize digital advertising campaigns across a variety of channels, including social media platforms (e.g. Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads), Google Ads, display network and other related platforms.

Conduct thorough keyword research and competitor analysis to optimize campaigns and drive targeted traffic.

Track campaign performance, analyze data, and make data-driven recommendations to improve ROI and achieve marketing goals.

Collaborate with creative teams to develop engaging ad and landing page experiences for optimal campaign performance.

3. Create and manage content:

Develop high-quality and engaging content for various digital channels, including social networks, websites, email marketing, blogs and other relevant platforms.

Work with the Head of Marketing to identify content needs, gather information, and ensure content aligns with brand guidelines and marketing goals.

Manage content calendar, ensure timely content delivery across channels.

4. Analysis and Reporting:

Monitor, track and analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) in digital marketing and social media campaigns.

Provides regular reports and insights on campaign performance, audience behavior, and industry trends to inform marketing strategies.

Use data to identify growth and improvement opportunities and develop viable proposals.

5. Multi-functional cooperation:

Work closely with the team, including creative, event and product teams, to align digital and social media marketing efforts with overall marketing goals.

Qualifications :

Bachelor’s degree

Experience in marketing or related field

Strong creative, analytical and communication skills

Proficient in Microsoft Office, ogle Adwords, Facebook ads and other marketing channels.

Capable of strategic direction based on market research and data analysis.

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